Having efficient transportation is critical to maintaining economic vitality and making it easy for people to get to work, home, and everywhere in between. Mayor Conrad Lee recognizes that government plays a big role in ensuring that our transportation infrastructure is maintained well and that it meets the needs of our growing community.

In 2012, Mayor Lee pushed for congestion relief projects to ensure that drivers spend less time on the road sitting in traffic, and he has also worked closely with Sound Transit to identify up to $84 million in potential savings as part of the city’s contribution toward the cost of a downtown tunnel. Conrad worked with the City Council to expand the city’s land use code to create guidelines and address concerns regarding the East Link light rail project. As Mayor, Conrad has helped move Bellevue’s infrastructure forward without sacrificing our high quality of life.

Overall, Mayor Lee has sought to expand the city’s critical infrastructure while minimizing noise, visual, environmental, and traffic impacts to the community.

To learn more about his stances on transportation, please check out the videos below.
The significance of Bellevue:
Quality of life:
Growth in transportation:
Constituent input:

Conrad needs your support to keep Bellevue on the right track, and you can help him out by donating $50, $25, $10, or any amount now!

This November, vote for Conrad Lee to keep our infrastructure strong while preserving our neighborhoods.  

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