Preserve Neighborhoods

Mayor Lee knows the positive impact Bellevue’s neighborhoods have had on our quality of life.  As a City Council member, Conrad has over 20 years of continuous commitment, unfaltering dedication to service, and 46 years living in the City of Bellevue.

Conrad unerringly supports and participates in both community service and enrichment. Conrad inspires people to take interest in the place they live, to take time to make what they have and what they share with others better.

Bellevue’s high quality neighborhoods and community are things that must survive for future generations. In Bellevue individuals invest in what is around them and it brings them together.

Conrad needs your support to maintain our quality of life, and you can help him out by donating $50, $25, $10, or any amount now!

This November vote for Conrad Lee to keep our neighborhoods great.

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