Keep Taxes Low

It is common knowledge that we must live within our means to be financially healthy. Often, however, governments at all levels ignore this principle and instead choose to initiate wasteful spending programs that lead to bigger debt and higher taxes. Eventually, these governments dig themselves deeper into an economic hole that is difficult to escape.

But Mayor Lee realizes that government should operate like a household: rather than squandering now and asking for more money in the future, we must be responsible and “spend what we have, not what we can tax.” This philosophy not only creates long-term stability for our city, but it keeps our government efficient instead of bloated.

Over his tenure as a City Council member, Mayor Lee has been the most consistent voice against new taxes, and Bellevue is doing better than ever. Companies from small startups to multinational giants see Bellevue as a great place to do business. Thanks to Mayor Lee’s promise to keep taxes low, we can all agree that Bellevue is one of the Northwest’s best places to live.

Conrad needs your support to keep our taxes low, and you can help him out by donating $50, $25, $10, or any amount now!

This November, vote for Conrad Lee to keep our taxes low and keep our city great. 

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