Community Issues

Throughout Conrad’s 23 years on the Bellevue City Council, his stances have remained consistent and focused on the following issues:

  • Keep taxes low
  • Preserve neighborhoods and quality of life
  • Promote economic vitality
  • Improve our transportation system
  • Keep our community safe
Many community members appreciate Conrad’s strong commitment to financial accountability, economic vitality, preserving quality of life, improving transportation, and increasing public safety. Stay tuned for detailed information on his stances for 2017.

Conrad is the only elected official I know who I see regularly at all the great fundraising events from Bellevue Schools Foundation, Bellevue Youth Theater, and even visited with my son when he was playing golf at Bellevue Municipal Golf Course. Thanks Conrad for your dedication to everything Bellevue! — Mary Austin

Conrad Lee is the first Asian American to serve as a council member in City of Bellevue. As a city council member, Conrad has 23 years of continuous commitment, unfaltering dedication to service, and 50 years living in City of Bellevue. Conrad has a proven track record that has helped shaped Bellevue into the great city that it is today! While on the city council, Conrad has been responsible for formulating long-term vision, implementing fiscal discipline, supervising the execution process — all which has guided the sustainable growth of Bellevue. If you would like to help retain Conrad for Bellevue City Council, please consider volunteering or donating to the campaign!

The City of Bellevue consists of a business downtown and small-town feeling with woodsy neighborhood and vast network of green spaces and recreational facilities.   Bellevue has a vibrant culture that is a result of Bellevue’s diverse citizenship.  As a city council member, Conrad has been the single most consistent voice against new taxes.  Conrad’s philosophy as a city councilmember has been “spend what we have, not what we can tax”.  Conrad feels that just like every household, now more than ever, that the Bellevue City Councilneeds to live within its means and provide the highest quality of life possible.

Just like the rest of Bellevue, I am an active member of our community, and I want to ensure that I am doing as much as I can to make our city a better place. It’s important to me to hear everyone’s opinions but I know not everyone has the availability to voice their concerns at our bimonthly City Council meetings. Please fill out any concerns you have down below and I’ll do my best to see to them as soon as possible!

Listening to you is Conrad’s top priority! Please voice any opinions you have down below and Conrad will do his best to see to them as soon as possible!

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