Affordable Housing

Watch Conrad Lee’s interview on affordable housing HERE.

During Conrad Lee’s tenure on City Council, many companies of all sizes have seen incredible growth, creating thousands of new jobs and opportunities. However, with unprecedented economic growth, the demand for housing exceeds the available supply, bring affordable housing to the forefront of Bellevue’s issues.

“When it comes to the issue of homelessness, we can work together. We all want the same thing; we just have different ways of getting there.”

Mr. Lee believes that to achieve solutions:

  • Government must listen to the people.
  • The decision-making process must be transparent
  • Community and neighborhoods must be involved in the decision-making process.

To learn more about his stances on affordable housing, please check out the videos below.
Housing complexity:
Transparency and communication:

Listening to you is Conrad’s top priority! Please voice any opinions you have down below and Conrad will do his best to see to them as soon as possible!

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