Accountable Government

Watch Conrad Lee’s Facebook Live interview about accountable government HERE.

Today, many people are feel alienated from government, which often seems unconcerned with the needs of the people. Decisions are often made without adequate input from the citizens – we have seen this with regard to Sound Transit, the location of homelessness shelters, and the  proposals to allow heroin injection sites.

Conrad Lee believes in unifying people, communicating with people, and engaging people.

On issue after issue, he has been a voice for the voiceless.

Mr. Lee believes that in order to achieve a great future for our city and its citizens:

  • The government needs to listen to people.
  • The decision-making process must be transparent.
  • Community and neighborhoods must be involved in the decision-making process.

Mr. Lee’s leadership has helped Bellevue remain a model of government responsibility and accountability to the people.

Listening to you is Conrad’s top priority! Please voice any opinions you have down below and Conrad will do his best to see to them as soon as possible!

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