Mason Ji (Former White House AAPI Ambassador) Endorsement

Mason Ji, a former White House AAPI Ambassador and former intern of Conrad Lee. He recent graduates from Harvard Law school and he strongly stands with Mr. Lee’s views, thoughts, and goals for Bellevue, WA. Conrad Lee has played a big role in Mason’s life and has made him who he is now and hopes you take into consideration all that Conrad Lee offers for Bellevue and re-elect him into the Bellevue City Council 2021.

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Hallee Viniotis (A local music teacher) Endorsement

Hallee Viniotis, a local music teacher in Bellevue, WA, had moved to Bellevue 17 years ago for the schooling, safe environment, and beauty of Bellevue. Since they moved, Conrad Lee has been the mayor of Bellevue and has worked to improve and better the community since. He cares about safety, works to lower taxes, and wants to find more affordable ways for youth to live in Bellevue, WA. Therefore, if you want a safe, affordable Bellevue, re-elect Conrad Lee for Bellevue council 2021!

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Morgan Maring (Former Intern of Conrad Lee) Endorsement

Morgan Maring is a former intern of Conrad Lee and has known him for 8 years. The impacts that Conrad Lee has done and what he strives to better the Bellevue community are shown and have affected many people’s lives for the better. He is super dependable and is someone you can always talk to, so re-elect Conrad Lee for Bellevue council 2021!

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