American Immigration Forums (AIF)

American Immigration Forums (AIF) is an organization led by Conrad Lee and a group of passionate individuals, dedicated to gathering information on pressing immigration policy, and sharing that insight with the rest of the community. Our mission is to create a leading grassroots platform that addresses immigration issues in the United States in effort to promote a fair and prosperous American Dream. We hope to provide this knowledge to government and relevant organizations to follow up, and communicate these issues through a program in which the entire community can exchange stories and cultures.

We recently wrapped up Round 3, which focused on “Employment and Education-Related Immigration Issues” and “Undocumented Residents and Seasonal Immigration”. We’d appreciate it if you would take the time to complete our survey down below!

AIF Round 3 Survey

If you have any ideas about what you would like AIF to focus on in the future, please leave a comment down below or contact us through our Connect page.

You can find out more at: American Immigration Forums

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